Consumer Protection Authority To Reduce Access To Customer Halls By 50%
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 The Consumer Protection Authority has issued a statement on reducing access to customers' halls in the Authority’s general office and its directorates and departments in the governorates of the Sultanate to 50 per cent of its capacity.

A statement issued online by Consumer Protection Authority said, "In the implementation of the decision of the Supreme Committee to deal with COVID-19 related to reducing entry to government and private customers halls to 50 per cent of its capacity, starting from Friday, February 12, 2021 and until further notice, the authority is pleased to provide its services electronically according to the specialty on the following channels:

 - The Authority's website:

-You can also contact the toll-free consumer line at: 80077997-80079009 "

The Authority confirmed that "receiving the customers, if necessary, their attendance will be according to scheduled dates determined by the competent agent in the authority."

 "It is possible to enquire about services and the mechanism for submitting complaints and reports through the call centre or by contacting the authority’s accounts on social media," the statement added. 


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