Muscat Municipality Completes 98% Rainwater Drainage Channels In Al Khuwair
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Muscat municipality has completed 98% of the sustainable solutions project for rainwater drainage by constructing additional box ferries to upgrade the services street level at the Wadi Al Khuwair stream crossing in the Wilayat of Bausher; To ensure the flow of traffic during the flow of the valley, which is the second package of the project.

The project also included the completion of the rehabilitation of the services street in the ministries area and the increase of the number of its lanes to three lanes. To accommodate the traffic movement during the diversion of part of the Sultan Qaboos Street lanes in Al Khuwair, in addition to the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the canal adjacent to Sultan Qaboos Street located on the other side of the street, adjacent to the commercial area in Al Khuwair.

Through this project, the municipality of Muscat seeks to build a sustainable protection system with modern designs characterized by quality and high efficiency that ensure solving problems of water bodies and their negative effects on the vicinity of this vital area in the Governorate of Muscat, and making traffic flow more smooth in various climatic conditions.

Engineer Abdullah Al-Ameri, Assistant Director of Roads Projects Department, Muscat Municipality, indicated that the completion rate in the second package of the project amounted to 98%, and included the rehabilitation of the service street in the ministries area and the increase of the number of lanes to three lanes. In preparation for a partial diversion of traffic to and from Sultan Qaboos Street, with the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the canal adjacent to Sultan Qaboos Street and located on the other side along the commercial area in Al Khuwair, with a width ranging from (3-5) meters and an average depth of two meters, and a total length of (945) meters with the work of barriers Protection on the canal, and adjacent to it, a pedestrian path is paved with an “interlock”, with the establishment of additional box ferries to raise the level of the services street at the crossing of the Wadi Al Khuwair stream; To ensure the smooth flow of traffic during the flow of the valley, explaining that work in this stage began during the month of October of the year 2019, and it is expected that work in this stage will be completed in the specified time. As the work requires the transformation of many different services and taking into account the crowded traffic in the area.

Al-Amiri explained that the works of the third package of this project were proposed in proportion to the completion of the second package works and it is currently in the process of decreasing, as the third package includes works to raise the level of Sultan Qaboos Street so that the street becomes at a level commensurate with the channels that have been implemented in the previous stages, and the project will also contain On the works of reforestation and beautification in the area, which will be affected by the construction works during its various stages, and with the completion of the works of this stage, we hope that the problem of rainwater gathering in Sultan Qaboos Street in the area opposite the ministries will end.

On what was included in the first package of the sustainable project for rainwater drainage in Al Khuwair, Eng. Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Ameri, Assistant Director of the Road Projects Department in the Municipality of Muscat, said: The project consists of three stages of surface water drainage in Al Khuwair in the Wilayat of Bousher, where the first phase was completed with the implementation of a closed water channel along (1115) meters, starting from Ministries Street to the mouth of the canal at the mouth of the sea, and the canal project included the construction of a closed canal with (3) cells with a total width of (8) meters, and a height of (1.5) meters, of which (430) meters as a closed channel under the ground and (685) meters as an open canal at the end of the canal in the embassy area, and the municipality took into account when establishing this project to develop the necessary designs that ensure the necessary precautions to protect and transfer all service lines that contradict the path of the canal, and this project began in the third quarter of 2017, and it was completed One of the main works for its first phase is the end of 2019.


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