207 Jobs Have Been Banned For Expats In Oman
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According to local media, Oman has banned expats from working in more than 200 professions to boost Omanisation.

On Sunday, Sultanate's Minister of Labour issued Decision No 235/2022 regulating Omanis' ability to practice certain professions.

Upon publication in the Official Gazette, the decision will take effect on the following day. Over 87 professions and nearly ten sectors were banned by the ministry in 2018.

A Royal Decree No 35/2003 and a Royal Decree No 89/2020 establishing a Ministry of Labour, defining its specializations, and establishing its organizational structure influenced the decision.

As stated in Article 1 of the decision, expats will no longer be able to practice 207 professions, and they can continue to do so until their current work permits expire.

By 2022, the Ministry of Labour plans to provide 35,000 jobs through recruitment, replacement, and training.


1. Administrative manager
2. Director/manager of staff affairs
3. Human resources manager
4. Public relations manger
5. Manager of the CEO's office
6. Recruitment manager
7. Follow-up manager
8. Security supervisor
9. Director for students affairs
10. Career guidance manger
11. Coordinator
12. Data entry
13. Street vendors
14. Grocer
15. Sweets seller
16. Refreshments seller
17. Perfumer
18. Tellers
19. Postman
20. Watchman
21. Gateman
22. Gas seller
23. Farm tractor driver
24. Gas meter reader
25. Operators
26. Manager and deputy managers
27. HR and recruitment specialists
28. Librarian
29. Store supervisors
30. Water and electricity meter readers
31. Travel ticket officers
32. Delivery agents
33. Security guards
34. Bus drivers
35. Public car drivers (transport)
36. Head of departments and trade unions
37. Psychology/social specialists
38. Legal clerk
39. Payroll and wage accountants
40. Insurance, reinsurance and risk insurance specialists
41. Occupational safety inspector for oil and gas
42. Public relations writer
43. Tourist reservation clerk
44. Tour guide
45. Ticket clerk
46. Shipping services clerk
47. Flight operations inspectors
48. Car rental clerks
49. Transport supervisors
50. Freight risk insurance
51. Real estate insurance
52. Auto insurance, factories insurance and customs clearance brokers
53. Salesmen in commercial complexes
54. Vegetable and fruits seller
55. Drivers of refrigerated trucks, ambulances, fire trucks, water trucks, gas trucks, scrap trucks and drivers of all vehicles.

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