Effectiveness Of Hydroxychloroquine In Covid-19 Patients (Covid)
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The Supreme Committee is addressing the media to give the latest update on the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak in Oman. 

Here’s the update from the LIVE press meet:

1. Dr. Mohammed bin Saif Al Hosni, Undersecretary of Ministry of Health: Of the total 1,716 cases, 63 per cent are expats and 37 are Omanis.
2. Dr. Mohammed Al Hosni, Undersecretary of Ministry of Health: 39 cases are in hospitals and nine are in ICU.
3. Dr. Mohammed Al Hosni: 6,807 are cases are under isolation.
4. Dr. Suad Al Habsi, Undersecretary of Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries: The Ministry monitors fish prices on a daily basis in all outlets to ensure that they        are accessible to all.
5. Dr. Yahya bin Badar Al Mawali, Undersecretary of Ministry of Social Development: Social awareness greatly helped to reduce the virus.66
6. Dr. Saif Al-Abri, Director, DG of Ministry of Health: We have not reached the peak now, and in a week or two we may reach the peak stage of the virus.
7. Dr. Saif Al Hosni: Two cases of pregnant women were registered and are in good condition and subject to home quarantine.
8. Dr. Saif Al Abri: Tests are done only for cases where symptoms appear, and are not used for those without symptoms.
9. Dr. Saif Al Hosni: Wilayat Muttrah has highest percentage of expats being infected with the virus but in other governorates the virus is higher among Omanis.
10. Dr. Saif Al Abri: 71% of recently recorded cases are all due to community transfer and only 9% are related to travel. The virus can spread faster than we think. Last week, one infected case spread to 70 others in the family in less than 24 hours. This posed a challenge for us.
11. Dr. Sawqi Al Azadjali, Muscat Municipality: The concerned authorities are working to improve the living conditions of workers.
12. Dr. Saif Al Hosni: Tentative steps are taken to ease restrictions in Wilayat Muttrah, Supreme Committee is looking at allowing some activities to open.
13. Dr. Sawqi Al Azadjali, Muscat Municipality: We have found many violations on restaurants and commercial centers.
14. Dr. Saif Al Hosni: Hydroxychloroquine tablets we brought from India was given to some patients and they were cured but for some it was not effective. We          cannot yet confirm the effectiveness of this drug.
15. Dr. Saif Al Hosni: Among the total cases recorded in Muscat Governorate, majority are from Wilayat Muttrah, followed by Seeb where so far 134 cases have        been recorded and Baushar comes third with 93 cases.
16. Dr. Saif Al Hosni: We used hydroxychloroquine for most cases in hospitals and it achieved good results, but we cannot prove this as a drug for coronavirus.        We also did not notice any complications in patients who used the tablets.
‎17. Dr Saif al Abri: We have detected the infection in two pregnant women, but their condition has so far been stable.



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