Stay Safe At Home royal oman police says
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Stay at home and exercise. This is the advice provided by the Royal Oman Police (ROP) to people who wonder whether it’s okay to go for their regular morning run or evening walk.

To control the spread of the novel coronavirus, the Oman government has asked citizens and residents to stay at home. Considering the current situation, a senior ROP official said: “All citizens and residents must exercise in their homes to limit and combat the spread of coronavirus. We don’t advise anyone to go out for a run or walk right now. It's better to stay at home.”

ROP also called on everyone to follow the decisions of the Supreme Committee to limit the spread of Coronavirus. The official said: “Everyone should follow the decision of the Supreme Committee during this period. All must stay at home and not leave them unless very much required.”

He pointed out: “If someone were to assume it is okay to go out for a walk or jog outside the home, there will be hundreds of people who will go out to practice the same, and this contravenes the decisions of the Supreme Committee to limit the spread of Coronavirus.“

“Everyone should follow the precautionary procedures, by not gathering in large numbers and ensuring that no more than one family member goes to the supermarket, because a single person from a family is enough go and buy the items that meet the needs of his household. This way, one is also able to protect his family members from the possibility of infection by coronavirus,” the official said.



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