Floods In Wadi Al Hajar In Oman Disrupt Traffic Amid Heavy Rains
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Social media users have been taken aback by a video showing the moment a major wadi in Oman, known as Wadi Al Hajar, witnessed a sudden soil collapse and flood, blocking roads and disrupting traffic. The flood was a result of heavy rains experienced in various parts Oman by the end of last week.

"Wadi Al Hajar", located in the Al-Dahra region and approximately 50 kilometres from the city centre of Ibri, is a renowned valley visited by locals and tourists alike during the rainy season.

This significant event showcased the intensity of the rains, with large amounts of soil and water gushing vehemently from a mountain gap onto the road, making it particularly challenging for several cars to navigate the waters or escape the area.

Omani Meteorology had previously forecasted the potential for such an event. Through a post on their official X account, they had predicted the formation of cumulus clouds leading to scattered thunderstorms, especially in the mountainous regions of various governorates, including Al Dahra, Buraimi, Dakhlia, South Al Batinah, and North-East.

In the coming hours, autumn clouds are projected to gather over the coasts and mountains of the Dhofar governorate, indicating further chances of sporadic rains, thunderstorms, and strong downwinds.

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