Herculean Omanis Rescue Camel Buried In Sand After Devastating Floods
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A camel found itself trapped in the sand after severe floods that swept through Oman, as captured in a widely circulated video.

The footage depicts a group of young men digging tirelessly to free the distressed animal from its sandy entrapment.

Despite the challenging conditions, the rescuers succeeded in liberating the camel, carefully excavating the sand that had engulfed its legs and body.

The video, shared across various online platforms, shows a glimpse into the harrowing consequences of the recent thunderstorms and heavy rainfall that have battered Oman.

Since last Sunday, the country has endured relentless downpours and powerful winds, triggering torrential floods particularly in the northern and eastern regions, resulting in significant damage to property and loss of lives.

Tragically, the rainy deluge claimed the lives of 21 individuals, including 12 children, with ongoing efforts to locate any missing persons in the aftermath of the disaster.

23 Apr, 2024 0 407
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