In 2024, Oman Will Debut Electric Cars
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Oman’s electric car maker Mays will debut the first locally manufactured model Alive 1 by the end of this year.

The five-seater will cost USD38,964 (Dh143,000) and can last 510km on a single charge, with the option of a 30-minute turbo charge, according to May’s website.

Mays has plans to produce several parts locally to reduce manufacturing costs.

Omani minister for transport, Hamood Al Maawali said that Gulf countries plan to have 22,000 electric cars by 2030 as part of the decarbonisation strategy.

The country’s EV charging infrastructure will expand to i350 public chargers across main public roads by 2026, the minister said.

16 Apr, 2024 0 584
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