New Fees For Health Services, Including Licenses For Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies And Labs Announced
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Oman has announced a new fee structure for various services, including issuing licenses, offered by the Ministry of Health.

According to Article 1 of the new decision, the fees will be applicable over a three-year period.

The fees for issuing or renewing various licenses within Oman’s healthcare sector have been revised under the new decision.

For instance, the fee for issuing or renewing a hospital licence has been set at 3,000 Omani riyals (about Dh28,625).

Similarly, the fees for pharmaceutical-related establishments have also been updated, with 1,500 riyals designated for issuing or renewing a pharmaceutical factory license, as well as for a medical supplies factory licence.

Additionally, the fees for a pharmaceutical warehouse licence stand at 450 riyals, while for renewing a public pharmacy licence is set at 300.

Optical shops

Moreover, licenses for specialised facilities such as pharmaceutical studies centres and drug analysis laboratories range between 300 and 600 riyals.

Dental laboratories and optical shops, on the other hand, will require a fee of 150 riyals for issuing or renewing their licenses.

The fees for issuing or renewing a clinic licence in various settings, such as schools/colleges or companies, are set at 150 riyals, except for traditional medicine clinics, which will require a fee of 1,000 riyals for issuance and 450 riyals for renewal.

Furthermore, the issuance of public clinic licenses within Muscat Governorate will incur a fee of 500 riyals, while the fee for issuing such licenses outside Muscat Governorate is 300 riyals.

Renewal of public clinic licenses within Muscat Governorate will cost 300 riyals.

The revisions to the fee structure are aimed at ensuring sustainable funding for healthcare services provided by the Ministry of Health across Oman.

The changes also seek to streamline administrative processes and enhance the overall efficiency of service delivery within the healthcare sector.

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