Oman And Tunisia Sign Air Service Agreements
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The Civil Aviation Authority of Oman finalised an air services agreement with the Republic of Tunisia in Tunis.

Nayef Bin Ali Al Abri, Chairman of Oman's Civil Aviation Authority, signed the agreement in the presence of Tunisia's minister of transport, Sarah Zaafarani al Zanzri, Oman's Ambassador to Tunisia, Hilal Bin Abdullah Al Sanani, and officials from both countries' civil aviation authorities.

Key provisions of the agreement include defining air routes between Oman and Tunisia, covering economic terms, regulatory frameworks, and operational cooperation. Designated airlines from both countries can now operate passenger and cargo flights between their airports and are permitted to engage in code-sharing arrangements, facilitating joint use of flight codes on routes operated by carriers from Oman and Tunisia.

This agreement marks an update to the 1985 accord between Oman and Tunisia, aligning with current regional and global advancements in aviation.

It establishes open skies between the two countries, allowing unlimited direct flights and aiming to enhance operational and technical cooperation for mutual benefit.

Oman has also established bilateral air transport agreements with 124 countries worldwide, which comprehensively regulate technical and operational aspects of air transport. These agreements aim to strengthen civil aviation relations and air transport ties with partner nations.

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