Oman Successfully Conducts Its Inaugural Autologous Kidney Transplant
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A specialized medical team in organ transplantation at the Royal Hospital has achieved a milestone by conducting the first autologous kidney transplant in the Sultanate of Oman.

The patient experienced severe bleeding during a cesarean section, leading to a partial hysterectomy and eventually a complete hysterectomy. Subsequently, complete damage to the left ureter of the kidney was identified.

Over a span of several days, the patient underwent four surgical procedures, involving the removal of the damaged ureter and the placement of a catheter tube in the left kidney for urine drainage. During an extended stay in intensive care, the medical team faced a challenging decision between removing the kidney or attempting to save it.

Opting to preserve the kidney, the medical team undertook a bold move by performing an autologous kidney transplant. The left kidney, along with a healthy portion of the ureter, was removed and re-implanted in the lower abdomen near the urinary bladder.

Despite the lengthy procedure, the operation was successful, and the kidney resumed normal function after a brief recovery period. The patient was discharged from the hospital within four days, and subsequent tests confirmed the intact functionality of the kidney in its new location.

The medical team expressed their joy over this significant accomplishment, which marked the end of a challenging treatment journey for the patient. They emphasized the healthcare personnel's ability to keep abreast of the latest medical advancements and instill hope in the hearts of patients.

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