Oman Will Experience Varied Weather Conditions In The Coming Days
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Oman is set to experience varied weather conditions in the coming days, according to the latest forecasts.

Meteorologists predict the formation of low clouds and fog along the Arabian Sea coast during the late-night and early morning hours, while the rest of the governorates should see clear skies.

Mohammad Al Mashaikhi, a meteorologist at Oman Met, informed Al Wisal FM that an air trough of low pressure is expected to affect the Sultanate’s atmosphere on April 24-25. This system could bring scattered rainfall and high to medium cloud cover, particularly affecting Dhofar Governorate and coastal areas of the Central Governorate.

Sea conditions along most of Oman’s coastline are anticipated to be calm to moderate. The forecast also indicates light to moderate winds blowing in an easterly to northeasterly direction along the Sea of Oman coast, with southeasterly winds expected along the Arabian Sea coast.

Abdallah Al Khadhuri, Director-General of the Oman Meteorology Office, added that there are preliminary indications of a new weather condition set to impact Oman by the end of next week, as noted by specialists at the National Multiple Hazards Early Warning Centre.

This announcement comes in the wake of devastating flash floods that recently swept across Oman, claiming the lives of at least 21 people, as reported by the Oman News Agency. The severe weather last Sunday caused extensive damage, including roads and valleys overwhelmed by floods, vehicles swept away, and numerous homes inundated.

In response to the severe weather and its aftermath, the Omani authorities have taken proactive measures to suspend various educational and professional activities to safeguard the public.

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