The Muscat Dialogue Sessions Are In Accordance With The Objectives Outlined In Oman Vision 2040
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The Muscat Governorate is set to host the Muscat Dialogue Sessions 2023 tomorrow, featuring the participation of Sayyid Saud bin Hilal Al Busaidi, the Governor of Muscat, Ahmed bin Muhammad Al Humaidi, the head of Muscat Municipality, members of the Shura Council, and members of the Municipal Councils.

The event will also be attended by Walis of the wilayats, their deputies, and representatives from government authorities in the governorate.

The organization of these sessions aligns with the royal directive of His Majesty the Sultan and is aimed at supporting the development process and engaging the community. 
The governorate intends to gather ideas and suggestions through these sessions, involving various groups in identifying priority projects for each theme and considering their implementation in line with the Oman Vision 2040.

The dialogue sessions, spanning three days, will focus on topics related to promising sectors for sustainable development. 
The first day will cover the humanization of cities and environmental volunteering works. 
The second day will delve into investment opportunities, technology, and innovation. 
The concluding session on the third day will review key results and recommendations from an esteemed group of academics, entrepreneurs, specialists, and youth from colleges and universities.

These sessions build upon the series of youth meetings and dialogues previously organized by the Muscat Governorate.

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