The Royal Academy Of Management (RAM) Orchestrates The Economic Leadership Programme - Win In China
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The Economic Leadership Programme - Win in China, conducted by the Royal Academy of Management (RAM), has been successfully implemented. This program is specifically crafted to equip executive leaders with the necessary skills and insights essential for navigating and thriving in the Chinese market.

The initiative brought together 40 CEOs from the Oman Investment Authority’s (OIA) subsidiaries and the private sector, along with seven representatives from government entities having connections with the People’s Republic of China and foreign investment.

Structured to familiarize participants with the opportunities and dynamics of the Chinese market, the program's primary goal is to facilitate meaningful communication among participants, fostering robust professional relationships at both local and global levels.

This endeavor aims to provide a comprehensive and balanced perspective on the remarkable transformation of the Chinese economy, empowering participants to navigate it with a holistic and balanced vision. The program delves into the intricate landscape of Chinese economic development and its significant global implications, emphasizing strategic economic collaborations between Omani government entities, private enterprises, and Chinese businesses. It also seeks to strengthen trade relations not only in the Sultanate of Oman but across the Middle East.

Spread over three consecutive days, the program encompasses various sessions pivotal to trade expansion in the Chinese market and enhancing Chinese-Omani relations. Key topics include the economic transformation within the People’s Republic of China, global influences, and insights into trends guiding Omani companies toward successful expansion in the Chinese market.

The program features panel sessions showcasing the experiences of business leaders from both China and the Sultanate of Oman. It includes a dedicated session on the impact of effective decision-making in international companies and investments, along with in-depth discussions centered on bilateral relations between China and Oman.

Additionally, advisory sessions are designed to foster trade growth in the People’s Republic of China, bridging relations between businesspeople and commercial enterprises through innovative solutions, collaborative opportunities, and enduring trade partnerships.

Dr. Ali Qassim Al Lawati, Chairman of the Royal Academy of Management (RAM), emphasized the alignment of the Economic Leadership - Win in China program with His Majesty the Sultan’s vision to develop proficient national leaders. These leaders, equipped with advanced capabilities, support the transformation towards a resilient and sustainable economy in Oman. Dr. Al Lawati stressed the program's role in diversifying revenue streams, fortifying investments, and fostering the expansion of government entities and private enterprises.

He highlighted the program's significance in empowering executive leaders with essential skills to expand into global markets, contributing to the economic collaboration between China and Oman. The collaboration with the Oman Investment Authority and the design partnership with the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business Administration in the Republic of China underscore the commitment to this initiative.

Professor Xiang Bing, the Founding Dean of the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business Administration in the People's Republic of China, expressed satisfaction with the strong partnership. He noted the program's significance in fostering closer business relations between China and Oman, deepening mutual understanding, and exploring collaborative opportunities. Professor Xiang Bing extended gratitude to the Royal Academy of Management for their initiative, trust, and invaluable support in launching this pioneering program.

The program, developed in cooperation with the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in the People’s Republic of China, is the first privately funded, research-based business school in China. The school focuses on global trade issues and specific topics in China, earning recognition for its contribution to highlighting successful billionaire companies, businessmen, chairpersons, and CEOs in China. The Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business has successfully trained 3,000 executives from various Chinese companies.

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