The Youth Constitute The Nation's Wealth
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During the inaugural Muscat Dialogue sessions in 2023, Sayyid Saud Hilal Al Busaidi, the Governor of Muscat, underscored the pivotal role of Omani youths as the driving force behind the Sultanate’s development.

He emphasized, "Omani youths are the wealth of the nation and they are the primary engine towards the development of the Sultanate of Oman."

Themed "Towards a sustainable and prosperous future," this three-day event, organized by the Muscat Governorate, aims to gather and implement innovative ideas and proposals. It focuses on engaging various societal segments to identify priority projects and plan their execution.

Sayyid Saud Hilal Al Busaidi, speaking at the opening, highlighted the significance of youth engagement and their involvement in development strategies. He stressed the need to listen to their aspirations, needs, and interests, pledging careful attention from state institutions.

The sessions covered diverse topics. In the session titled "Humanisation of cities and the entertainment Industry," Dr. Hanan Amer Al Jabri, Director General of Urban Planning at the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, discussed urban planning methodologies, the quality of public spaces, public arts, and the Vibrant Public Spaces Initiative. The session was moderated by Shabib Al Maamari, Director General of National Travel Operator in OMRAN Group.

The second session, "Environmental Volunteering," featured Manar Abdullah Al Riyami, a quality specialist and expert speaker from the Environment Authority, focusing on national goals, successful achievements, neighboring countries’ experiences, current status, and national components of environmental volunteering. The session was moderated by Ibrahim Al Salmi, Assistant Vice President of Ominvest Group for Corporate Communication.

On the second day of the Muscat Dialogue, the focus will shift to investment opportunities, technology, and innovation.

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