30 Unregistered Hotel Establishments Penalized For Violations In Dhofar
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The Ministry of Heritage and Tourism (MHT) has issued warnings to 30 establishments in Dhofar governorate for operating on a daily basis without the required license from the ministry.

In a statement, MHT highlighted its ongoing efforts to monitor unlicensed establishments, revealing that specialists at the Directorate General of Heritage and Tourism in Dhofar governorate had cautioned the mentioned establishments for engaging in daily rentals without the necessary ministry license.

The ministry urges all establishment owners to ensure compliance with regulations by adjusting their establishments' conditions and acquiring a tourism license. This can be achieved by registering on the ministry's website's electronic services portal and adhering to the specified terms and conditions for each category, available at www.mht.gov.om. This proactive step aims to prevent legal consequences for non-compliance.

05 Dec, 2023 0 135
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