Oman Police Arrested Three For Vandalism, Gambling, And Theft
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The Muscat Governorate Police Command detained three individuals for vandalizing and stealing items from multiple homes in the Wilayat of Al Amerat.

The Royal Oman Police (ROP) shared surveillance footage on social media that captured their attempts to break into a home.

"The Muscat Governorate Police Command arrested three individuals for vandalizing and stealing belongings from several homes in the Wilayat of Amerat," the ROP said in a statement on X.

"Surveillance cameras recorded them attempting to violate the sanctity of a home."

The police further stated that legal proceedings are being completed against the individuals.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident, the South Al Sharqiyah Governorate Police, with support from Special Tasks and Al Wafi units, arrested 22 individuals of Asian descent for engaging in gambling at a residence in the Wilayat of Sur.

Additionally, the Central Governorate Police, in collaboration with Oil and Gas Facilities Security, arrested 11 people for stealing electrical wires and cables from various sites in the Wilayat of Duqm.

The police added that legal procedures are being completed against all suspects.

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