All Taxi Services To Operate With Safety Guidelines Issued By The Ministry Of Transport
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All taxis, including the on-demand services, will be operational for
the benefit of citizens and residents who have to commute for personal and
work-related purposes.

The app-based companies Otaxi and Marhaba confirmed to the Observer that they are prepared to handle these exceptional circumstances.

Orange and White taxis are also available but need to follow the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Transport.

Reducing the maximum passengers so that it will not exceed four passengers (driver included) for all taxis, the ministry said.

The Ministry of Transport on Wednesday had announced the suspension of all means of transports.

“The ban takes effect from tomorrow (Thursday), and will continue till further notice,” the ministry said in a statement.

The suspension of services includes buses, ferries, microbuses, with the exception of buses and ferries heading to the Governorate of Musandam and the Wilayat of Masirah.

Mwasalat has suspended all city and intercity routes starting from Thursday until further notice.

The decision does not include buses for transporting workers in the concession areas, provided that a vacant seat is left between each passenger and the other, and that the instructions regarding the use of public transport strictly followed.

The Ministry of Transport has decided to impose preventive procedures on buses, taxis, and ferries owners and other public transport operators as a preventive procedure taken to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

All public transport operators should follow these guidelines.

Vacant seats must be present, which forms a space between passengers in public transport buses, ferries; transportation means for ministries and companies employees as well as construction sites workers and similar instances.a

Disinfect and clean all the components and seats within the public transport means on a daily basis, at the start of every trip as well its end, especially the inner and external handles.

Providing disinfectant dispensers In all taxis, buses, and ferries.

Preventing passengers from standing within the bus or ferry to reduce crowding.

Measure passengers’ temperature before they enter public transportation means (ferries.buses).

Comply with the health guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health in Oman.



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