Don't Worry About The Visa Expiry Related Issues
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People currently residing in Oman on a residency permit or those who are on a visit or business or any short term visas need not worry about the expiry-related issues, according to the DG of Passport and Residency.

Those who were not able to leave the country due to flight cancellations and airport closures in the wake of the Covid-19 spread don’t have to fear about paying to overstay fine because the Royal Oman Police (ROP) will be allowing them time to renew their status after the corona threat is over.

“Those who are overstaying in the country during the Covid-19 do not have to worry about their visa status or being staying illegally in the country”, said a senior official at the DG of Passport and Residency.

“We will do all possible to allow them to stay until things became normal after the COVID-19 spread,” he said.

Visitors, as well as people on a residency visa, shared their concerns as most of their airports were either shut or flight services came to a halt as part of stringent measures taken by their respective countries to tackle the virus.

Leah, a Philippine national who is currently on a visit visa, was all set to travel the next day after the air services were called off.

“I was fortunate enough to have landed a job in Muscat but I was not able to travel due to travel restrictions to change my status from a visit to work visa. But now, I’ve to wait until things are normal. I’m happy that I’ll not be penalized for my overstay here,” she told the Observer.

Subha, an Indian teacher who arrived in the Sultanate on family joining visa had completed four months when the air services were cancelled.

“I’m happy that my status will be legalised without any fine once the world is free from Coronavirus. I am more worried about what if I have to go on an emergency”, she added.



26 Mar, 2020 0 3106
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