Amouage Produces Sanitizers To Help Fight Covid-19
Category: Coronavirus

Amouage has adapted its factory operations in Muscat to produce hand sanitizers in support of the country’s fight against Covid-19.

Produced in accordance with World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, the alcohol-based hand-rubs were donated to various government entities to help protect all the brave men and women on the frontlines.

This initiative by Amouage was made possible with support from Oman Air, ADA Cosmetics International, GAC and Wildvertising, who came together to address the potential risk of a product shortage.

“These are challenging times as the world battles this pandemic, and we felt it is our collective responsibility to provide relief wherever we can. Hence, the decision was made to channel our resources, along with our partners, into making hand sanitizers. They are not for commercial sale and will to be donated, enabling a greater number of people to continue safeguarding themselves and others from the spread of the virus. Our hearts and prayers are with everyone affected and those who are on the frontlines to keep us safe,” said Marco Parsiegla, Amouage’s Chief Executive Officer.

While its stores are temporarily closed, Amouage’s factory operations were adapted to incorporate the production of hand sanitizers.

The company has been working closely with its team to follow the government’s directives in dealing with Covid-19, adhering to all safety and precautionary measures such as distancing and hygiene to ensure the health and wellbeing of its workforce.



21 Apr, 2020 0 1074
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