COVID-19 Precautionary Measures Relaxed In Saudi Arabia
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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has decided to ease COVID-19 health precautions and cancel social distancing starting from Sunday.

A statement issued online by the Saudi Press Agency said: "Starting from Sunday, the easing of health precautions on October 17, 2021, are as follows:
1: Wearing masks is not compulsory in open areas - with the exception of the excluded places - while continuing to be obligated to wear it in closed places.

2: The precautionary measures for those receiving two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine are eased, according to the following:

A- Allowing the full capacity of the Grand Mosque to be used, while obligating workers and visitors to wear a mask at all times in all the corridors of the mosque, and continuing to use the “Umrah” or “Tawakalna” application to take the dates of Umrah and prayer.

B- Allowing the full capacity of the Prophet’s Mosque to be used, while obligating workers and visitors to wear a mask at all times in all the corridors of the mosque, and using the “Umrah “ or ” Tawakalna” “ application to take prayer times and visit the honorable kindergarten.

C- Canceling social distancing and allowing the full capacity to be used in gatherings, public places, means of transportation, restaurants, cinemas, and the like.

D- Allowing the establishment and attendance of events in wedding halls and others without restricting the number, with the importance of emphasising the application of precautionary measures.

3: Immunisation is required in two doses to enter all the sites and activities referred to above in (2), with the exception of those who are not included and those who are excluded according to what appears in the application of “ Twakalna” with everyone's commitment to the precautionary measures applied, including wearing a mask.

4: Distancing and wearing masks will continue to be applied in locations where it is not possible to verify the health status of its visitors through the application of “ Twakalna”.

5: The Public Health Authority prepares “Weqaya” the preventive measures that must be adhered to for all activities mentioned in item (2).

6: Emphasis on the public and private sectors and the like:  by checking the immunisation status in the “Tawakalna” application for all those who wish to enter the facility.

7: Emphasis on the relevant authorities - each within its jurisdiction - to implement the prescribed penalties for violators of the precautionary measures and preventive measures taken to confront the pandemic.

 8: The Ministry of Health will follow up on the number of cases of hypnotic patients due to infection with the disease (Covid-19), especially intensive care, and raises what is necessary in the event of a need to tighten precautionary measures at the level of cities, governorates or regions.


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