Fingerprint Biometric Attendance System Suspended In Oman
Category: Coronavirus

The Ministry of Manpower has announced a series of preventive measures to ensure the safety of workers in the private sector to control the spread of the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

The procedures to be followed by the private sector establishments are:

Switching to electronic correspondence in coordination with the competent authorities at the Ministry of Manpower by reducing dependence on the paper documents.

To stop using the biometrics (fingerprint machines) to record attendance for a month. All supervisors are can use alternative methods to follow-up on the attendance of their staff.

Follow hygiene habits like using sterilizers, washing hands with soap and water, and using tissue paper when coughing or sneezing. Elevators, doors, and other frequently used places must be properly sterilized.

Avoid everything that might come in contact with people, including shaking hands.

The staff should not move between offices except for the necessity of work and cancel get-togethers.

Avoid cups and mugs between more than one person, and it is preferable to use paper cups and mugs.

An employee who suffers from a suspected disease symptom must immediately head to the nearest hospital or health center.

Postpone all activities, events and any gatherings until further notice.

Follow the directions from the official sources concerned with following up on the developments resulting from the spread of the indicated virus.



16 Mar, 2020 0 1342
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