Sultanate Increases Production Of Masks
Category: Coronavirus

The Sultanate produces daily two million medical gloves and 100,000 medical masks.

A statement issued online by Oman News Agency ( ONA ), said: “Salalah Medical Supplies Manufacturing Company confirmed that it is working to increase its production of necessary medical supplies such as masks and medical gloves to meet the local market need for these products as a result of the effects of the emerging coronavirus (COVID-19).”

ONA confirmed that: “The daily production capacity of the factory reaches two million medical gloves and 100,000 medical masks.”

"The factory is making great efforts to meet the market need of the government and the private health sector,” ONA added.

“The priority at the present time is to meet the needs of medical institutions and hospitals by providing them with the necessary medical supplies of standard specifications," ONA said.

ONA also confirmed that: “The company has boosted its production since the outbreak of the Corona Virus pandemic, reaching last month, March, to 40 million medical gloves.”

“The medical products that it produces by the company have approved medical specifications and obtain approvals and licenses from the relevant government agencies," ONA added.



11 Apr, 2020 0 1116
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