The Blood Bank At Sohar Hospital Has Appealed To People With O+ Blood
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The Blood Bank at Sohar Hospital has appealed to people with O+ blood type to donate blood urgently.

A statement issued online by the Department of Blood Banks Services (DBBS) said: "The blood bank at Sohar Hospital is suffering from a sharp shortage in blood supply during these days and in view of the urgent need for the availability of type O+, we appeal to the holders of this type to rush to donate blood today."

"Book an appointment to donate blood at Sohar Hospital by sending WhatsApp message to 79900799," the statement added. To book an appointment for your blood donation through the WhatsApp application, Please send the following information:

1. Full name with the Family name .

2. Civil ID.

3. Type of donation (blood donation / donation of platelets / donation of plasma)

4. The appropriate day and time for you.

The appointment will be confirmed via WhatsApp or via SMS.



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