Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve Will Receive Visitors As Per The Safety Guidelines
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The Ras al Jinz turtle reserve will receive visitors as per the safety guidelines issued by the competent authorities, said Omran in a statement.

Ras al Jinz is a fishing village located in the Ras Al Hadd, on the eastern shores of the Arabian Peninsula. The Ras Al Jinz beach is world renown for the nesting endangered green turtle (Chelonia mydas), probably the most important nesting concentration on the Indian Ocean.

This is the only official place where the public can watch the nesting process of these amazing sea giants. The Ras Al Jinz Turtle Centre, truly eco-tourism project, was established to help conserve the fascinating and amazing nesting processes of these giants of the marine turtle world.

29 Jun, 2020 0 481
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