End Of Service Benefits Calculation In Oman
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According Oman’s Labour Law Employees, on leaving a company, are entitled to receive their end of service benefits .End of service benefits include a gratuity owed to an employee which is calculated on the amount of time he or she has spent working for the employer.
The entitlements available to an employer on completion of his job are listed as part of the employment contract signed by him on beginning work with the company. An employee who serves a certain amount of time with an employer, is entitled to receive a certain percentage of amount from the employer, upon termination of his employment.

Calculation of End Of service benefits:

“Calculation of  end service benefits or gratuity depends on how many years that particular employee has served that employer, for example “If he/she has served a period of three years, then that employee will receive 15 days of basic salary that he has last drawn, for every year served. So, it will be 45 days in total for the first three years, and from the fourth year onwards, you will be getting a full month’s basic salary for each year served. That’s how you calculate gratuity or the end of service benefits.”
Employees at  Oman, are entitled to receive gratuity irrespective of whether they are employed on short-term or fixed-term contracts, or long-term, indefinite ones,  they could also contain other benefit.Under any kind of contract of employment, when the employee has served for a period of at least one year, he will be entitled to receive his gratuity.

End Service Benefits Other Than Gratuity

When we discuss about end of service benefits, it’s not just about gratuity, There are other things which an employee can ask for, upon termination, if they are due. For example, if there is any unpaid salary that is due, then that gets added to the end of service benefit, which an employer is bound to deliver. If there is any unused annual leave, then the employee can ask for compensation in place of that unused leave.


Letter Of Experience As End Service Benefits

Letter of experience is also a part of end service benefits ,which can be used to help them find work in the future.Even upon termination, as the Labour Law say the employee is entitled to receive a certificate of experience, explaining his position, his remuneration and his performance, to the advantage of the employee. This is a good benefit to the employee, because even if the employer acts hostile, he can not take the liberty to put anything  negative in this letter that will be a disadvantage to the employee. The employer is bound, by law, under the Labour Law of Oman to provide a certificate.”

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