180 Cases Of Fake Omanisation Identified By Ministry Of Labour
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The Ministry of Labour monitored 180 fake Omanisation cases in order to obtain some of the facilities provided by the Ministry for the private sector and they managed to recruit 660 expats due to that.

The Ministry of Labour said, "The ministry monitored 180 cases of fake Omanisation cases of Omani labor forces, which enabled the issuance of 660 recruitment permits for expatriates in private sector establishments, by taking advantage of some of the facilities provided by the ministry to private sector establishments."

"When following up the procedures related to the job rotation of the Omani workforce, it was noted that some of these cases achieved 15 cases of job turnover and the last 9 cases within one year and upon verifying these cases it was found that their aim was to obtain some facilities provided to the private sector establishments from the Ministry," Ministry of Labour added.

The Ministry requests all private sector founders to cooperate to reduce this phenomenon that affects the sector and the economy. It also requests all citizens of the private sector not to agree to participate in such violations in order to preserve their rights and the rights of others.


04 Mar, 2021 0 296
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