19 Flights Added In Phase 5 Of Vande Bharat Mission
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India has added 19 new flights from Oman in Phase 5 of Vande Bharat Mission, starting August 6.

The Schedule: 
1. 6 August – Muscat Kannur
2. 7 August – Salalah Kochi
3. 7 August – Muscat Delhi
4. 8 August – Muscat Kochi
5. 8 August – Muscat Mumbai
6. 8 August – Muscat Trivandrum
7. 9 August – Muscat Delhi
8. 10 August – Muscat Bengaluru/ Mangalore
9. 10 August – Muscat Tiruchirappalli
10. 10 August – Muscat Calicut
11. 11 August – Muscat Hyderabad
12. 11 August – Muscat Chennai
13. 12 August – Muscat Lucknow
14. 13 August – Muscat Vijayawada
15. 14 August – Salalah Muscat/ Delhi
16. 14 August – Muscat Trivandrum
17. 14 August – Muscat Kochi
18. 15 August – Muscat Kochi
19. 15 August – Muscat Mumbai

As in the case of flights operated earlier under Vande Bharat Mission, passenger lists for all the above-mentioned flights will be finalized by the Embassy on the basis of information received by it. The Embassy will be floating an online form for seeking confirmation of passengers to travel on a particular flight and then share the list of registered people with Air India.

All such people will be contacted by Air India directly for booking of tickets.

The passengers, after registering on the online form, may also approach Air India offices in Ruwi and Wattaya (National Travels, General Sales Agent of Air India) directly to book tickets on a first come first serve basis.

However, priority will be given to medical emergency cases, pregnant women, workers in distress, senior citizens as well as to other Indian nationals who are stranded in difficult situations.

The cost of tickets will have to be borne by the passengers themselves. All passengers are required to confirm acceptance of all conditions of travel, including quarantine requirements in India as well as health requirements in order to board the flight.



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