As Per The Instructions, The Unscheduled And Special Flights Resume From Oman
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The ban on scheduled flights from Oman is expected to continue for time, with the announcement still awaited.

As per the details available, the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) guidelines for airlines operating to and from Oman, which ends today, will be extended until further notice.

As per the instructions, the unscheduled and special flights to facilitate the travel of citizens and foreigners between the Sultanate and various countries of the world will continue during this period.
“Our planes and people are ready and Oman’s airports are ready, too. When we can fly, we will provide safe, careful service to our guests, along with all travel-related information and requirements,” Oman Air said in a statement.
Flights that pass the Omani airpsace, domestic services to Khasab airports and oil concession areas will continue to operate as the guidelines laid out by the government.
Volunteers will help the authorities implement the COVID-19 precautionary measures as and when Muscat International Airport reopens for normal traffic in the coming days.

The participation of the volunteers was sought by the group called TaawonNetwork, which works under the supervision of the Omani Society for Human Resources Management.

“In preparation for the return of operations at Muscat International Airport, as soon as the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) directives are issued, the TaawonNetwork in cooperation with Oman Airports invited the volunteers.”

According to TaawonNetwork, 1, 179 people registered to be volunteers and they will be contacted for an interview within the next two days.

It added that the volunteers are required to ensure precautionary measures to deal with developments of the COVID-19 pandemic at the airport.

Speaking to the Observer, a member of TaawonNetwork said both citizens and residents are invited to be part of this volunteer group. “The selected volunteers will be training until the formal reopening of the airport.”

As per the details, volunteers should be able to speak fluently in Arabic and English while dealing with air travellers, priority will be given for those who speak more languages. Alongside having good appearance and behavior, the dress code will be Omani dishdashas for males and modest dresses for females.

The volunteers on the evening shift must be male-only.

It may be noted that Oman Airports has been working on the installation, and operation of PCR testing solutions.

Worldwide, airports and airlines have their style of COVID-19 prevention and protection, but the two most consistent solutions to prevention are physical distancing in the queues and required face-coverings. Seeing constant reminders to wear a face mask in the airport terminal is going to be a common occurrence for quite some time.



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