Charter Flights Transport Thousands Of Expats
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With more than 50 flight services carrying nearly 10,000 Indians to various destinations in India alone since May, charter services from the Sultanate to many countries, primarily to the Asian subcontinent, has been on an upward trend.

Embassies and diplomatic missions are helping their citizens in Oman to go back to their home countries, while various organisations, NGOs, regional and linguistic wings, travel agencies as well as other commercial establishments have been busy sending Indians home.

These passengers had issues like visa expiry or lack of flight services to their home countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Philippines, among others.

“We put in service nearly 25 charters for various organisations with KMCC to transport about 5,000 passengers get back to their homes,” said ReenaRahman, Head of Operations at the Salam Air.

Associations including KMCC, ICF, Kerala Wing, World Malayali Federation, OICC, and MPCC have been at the forefront to Indians to their hometowns.

“Our services have been a great relief to those who were stranded here in Oman to get home. Reassuring that we will always be with them during any crisis,” executive management of WMF comprising Dr J Retnakumar, Ullas, Ansar, Ammujam, Madhumathi, Swapna, Sunil, George, Jiji, and Joseph told the Observer.

However, the demand for charters has been slightly on the dip as majority stranded people have got back home in more than 100 flights.



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