Commercial Activity Closure Will Reduce Chances Of Infection Spreading In Oman: Expert
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 The decision of the Supreme Committee to deal with COVID-19, to close all commercial activities, will help encourage social distancing leading to reduced chances for the spread of different strains of the coronavirus, Dr. Faryal Al-Lawati, Consultant Infectious Diseases at the Royal Hospital, said in an interview with Oman TV.

Dr. Al-Lawati said, "Anti-vaccination campaigns pose a great challenge as such videos advising against vaccination tend to spread among the population and are believed more than what officials are experts might say in favour of vaccines. The latest clinical research conducted in Britain on the AstraZeneca vaccine proved its effectiveness by 90 per cent. There are comparisons being made between vaccines or country of origin leading to reluctance. These are conspiracy theories."

"With regard to obtaining vaccines from countries such as Russia and China, all options are available if they fulfill the conditions related to effectiveness and safety, which are confirmed after the clinical research of these vaccines is published in scientific journals, reviewed by researchers and approved by international organisations."


09 Mar, 2021 0 256
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