Diam Enhances Water Network In Al Dakhiliyah
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The emergency committee of the Public Authority for Electricity and Water (Diam) on Monday held a meeting via video-conferencing during which it discussed steps to enhance the performance of the main pipeline supplying the Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah with water.

The improvements, to begin this evening and continue for two days, includes the replacement of some pumps and valves in main gathering stations at Al Seeb, Fanja and Samayil and the execution of mechanical and electrical tasks on the network feeding the wilayats of Bidbid, Samayil, Izki, Manah, Nizwa, Bahla, Al Hamra and Adam.

Eng Ahmed bin Talib al Shaqsi, Director of the National Centre for Water Surveillance and Control said that the improvements come as a precaution to accommodate the expected increase in demand for water during the summer season.

The tasks also include filling tanks with water and the operation of water wells, he added.

Al Shaqsi urged all subscribers to cooperate by rationalizing water use. He advised all to get their tanks filled on a regular basis to avoid being affected by the suspension of supply during maintenance works. 



16 Jun, 2020 0 501
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