Expats Bachelors Are Not Allowed In Residential Areas Of Suhar
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Suhar Municipality has issued administrative decision N0 (88/2020) regulating the accommodation for expatriate bachelors in the residential areas.

Warning of legal actions, the decision says rental contracts for homes and villas residential neighborhoods will be limited to family only whether the tenant in staying with family alone.

It is prohibited to register rental contracts for workers and single employees in homes and villas.

It is not permitted between housing and economic/commercial activity in a residential villa or apartment.

It is prohibited to register rental contracts for unskilled or semi-skilled bachelors in buildings intended for residential or commercial use.

Lease contracts concluded for apartments in multi-story residential and commercial buildings, more than two floors without a roof floor, maybe certified for bachelors of the following categories – managers, doctors, engineers, and their level at the rate of one employee in each room, and students, administrators, technicians, professionals, and their level at a rate of only two people in each room :

The lease contract must be in the name of the company where the employee works and not with the employee himself.

The landlord must install screens on the windows of the building from the directions overlooking the houses and residential villas, if any, before concluding the contract.

The companies must not stop buses to transport employees in front of the rented building. Workers should avoid indecent dressing while coming out of their homes.

The landlord shall appoint a permanent employee to oversee the building and its residents.

It is permissible to register rental contracts concluded for apartments in the residential commercial buildings for singles.



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