Finance Ministry Issues Decisions For Government Companies In Oman
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 A decision has been taken to stop the establishment of new government companies and to stop promotions and bonuses for all employees of government companies.

The Ministry of Finance issued a number of directives to governmental institutions and bodies in preparing its budget for the year 2020 to achieve financial stability and sustainability.

"To stop the establishment of government companies to carry out any business activities and to give priority to the private sector in the expansion and establishment of any activities in the existing government companies. To enhance the role of the partnership between the public and private sectors."

“To stop promotions and bonuses for all employees of government companies, regardless of companies’ results and performance."

"Allocating a portion of the amounts earmarked for social responsibility to support training programs coupled with employment, in order to serve the efforts made in providing job opportunities."

The Ministry also previously issued instructions to government companies to reduce their expenditures and to suspend all courses, conferences abroad.



15 Apr, 2020 0 1758
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