Flights To Repatriate Indians From Oman In Phase 4
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Government mulling resuming scheduled international flights from July 15

Special flights will take Indians from Oman to different states of India,

The Indian government started the Vande Bharat Mission on May 6 to provide assistance to stranded Indians who are enduring difficult times as the coronavirus has impacted the economy and the businesses in the country they reside in.  The first phase was from May 7 to 16, following which the second phase began. However, scheduled international passenger flights have been suspended in India since March 23 due to the coronavirus spread in the country.

Air India was scheduled to operate 495 chartered flights to and from various countries in the third phase, which began on June 10 and will end on July 4.

After nearly two months of suspension of flights to control the coronavirus outbreak, the Indian government resumed scheduled domestic passenger flights from May 25 but in a controlled manner and placing lower and upper limits on airfares depending upon the flight duration.

Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri on June 20 stated that the government is mulling resuming scheduled international passenger flights in mid-July, when the domestic air traffic is expected to reach 50-55 per cent of the levels before coronavirus. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) announced the extension of the suspension of scheduled international passenger flights in the country till July 15 but added that some international scheduled services may be allowed on selected routes depending on the details of the individual cases.


Below is the tentative flight schedule

1 Kerala Oman IX 1714 Muscat 1-Jul-20 12:10 Kannur 1-Jul-20 17:25 177
2 Kerala Oman IX 1554 Muscat 1-Jul-20 16:15 Trivandrum 1-Jul-20 21:35 177
3 Tamil Nadu Oman IX 1618 Muscat 2-Jul-20 15:30 Chennai 2-Jul-20 20:50 177
4 Kerala Oman IX 1442 Muscat 3-Jul-20 16:15 Kochi 3-Jul-20 21:25 177
5 Kerala Oman IX 1554 Muscat 5-Jul-20 11:45 Trivandrum 5-Jul-20 17:05 177
6 Kerala Oman IX 1350 Muscat 5-Jul-20 14:40 Kozhikode 5-Jul-20 19:40 177
7 Kerala Oman IX 1442 Muscat 6-Jul-20 12:15 Kochi 6-Jul-20 17:25 177
8 Kerala Oman IX 1442 Muscat 8-Jul-20 12:15 Kochi 8-Jul-20 17:25 177
9 Delhi Oman IX 1118 Muscat 9-Jul-20 10:40 Delhi 9-Jul-20 15:10 177
10 Telangana Oman IX 1218 Muscat 10-Jul-20 11:05 Hyderabad 10-Jul-20 16:05 177
11 Kerala Oman IX 1714 Muscat 10-Jul-20 14:15 Kannur 10-Jul-20 19:30 177
12 Maharashtra Oman IX 1218 Muscat 11-Jul-20 11:05 Mumbai 11-Jul-20 15:10 177
13 Karnataka Oman IX 1818 Muscat 12-Jul-20 11:40 Mangaluru 12-Jul-20 16:20 177
14 Kerala Oman IX 1442 Muscat 12-Jul-20 12:15 Kochi 12-Jul-20 17:25 177
15 Kerala Oman IX 1714 Muscat 13-Jul-20 14:15 Kannur 13-Jul-20 19:30 177
16 Kerala Oman IX 1554 Muscat 13-Jul-20 16:15 Trivandrum 13-Jul-20 21:35 177


This is a dynamic list and is bound to undergo changes based on operational, technical and other considerations. The list should not be considered as final and is only for the purpose of information. This list cannot be quoted for any legal claims. All visitors are advised to counter-check with Air India for confirmation of the flights, timings, dates, destinations and other details.


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