Fuel Prices For March Announced In Oman
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Fuel prices for the month of March 2021 have been announced by the Ministry of Energy and Minerals on Sunday.

An official from the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, confirmed to Times of Oman the price of fuel for March 2021: "Fuel prices have been approved for the next month of March 2021, and will be applied starting tomorrow:

1. M 91 at 200 baisa per litre.

2. M 95 at 214 baisa per litre

3. Diesel at 222 baisa per litre

Fuel prices for the month of February 2021 were as below:

1. M 91 at 188 baisa per litre.

2. M95 at 202 baisa per litre.

3. Diesel at 209 baisa per litre.


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