Health Institutions In Oman's Cyclone-hit Wilayats Continue Providing Services
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All health institutions in the wilayats affected by cyclone Shaheen are continuing to provide their usual health services.

"The Medical Response and Public Health Sector would like to point out that all health institutions in the wilayats affected by the tropical situation Shaheen continue to provide their usual health services," National Committee for Emergency Management (NCEM) said in a statement.

The sector expressed its sincere thanks and appreciation to all associations, medical associations and health volunteers for their communication and their keenness to volunteer in the field. It is also keen to provide health services and medicines to all those who were unable to attend health institutions or reach reference hospitals to collect their medicines.

 The sector calls upon all health volunteers to communicate and coordinate in advance with the health operations room in the sub-sector of North Al Batinah Governorate before going to the field. Contact the temporary call operations centre on the following numbers: 26061102, 26061120, 26061103, 26061105 and 26061118.


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