India Will Extradite The Individual Accused Of Murdering An Omani Family
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A man accused of murdering an Omani family, including three children, is set to face trial in Oman following a decision by the Delhi High Court issued on Friday. Indian media sources report that the Delhi High Court dismissed the accused's plea challenging a trial court order recommending his extradition to Oman.

The incident occurred in July 2019 when an Omani national, along with his wife and three minors, was found dead at home. The accused, along with three accomplices, was arrested in September 2019 for the premeditated murder offense under Section 302A of the Oman Penal Code. After committing the crime, the accused fled to India.

Following an investigation at the request of the Centre, the trial court recommended extradition, a decision upheld by the High Court. The High Court affirmed that murder constituted an extraditable offense according to the extradition treaty between India and Oman.

Despite being afforded the opportunity, the accused failed to present any evidence in his defense, with the High Court noting that such defenses could be raised during the trial in the requesting country. The court found sufficient material to establish a prima facie case for extradition based on the evidence from the requesting country.

Addressing concerns about a fair trial, the Centre engaged in discussions with Oman, seeking assurances regarding fair trial procedures, free legal aid, and interpreter services.

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