Pact Signed To Recycle Lead-acid Batteries
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The Omani Environmental Services Holding Company (be’ah) has signed three agreements to recycle the lead-acid batteries at the accredited treatment centre in the Sultanate with the best international specifications and standards, as a part of the company’s continued efforts to regulate and develop the waste management sector, reduce negative environmental impacts and support the local economy.

The agreements were remotely signed with the National Ferries Company, Mazoon Electricity Company  and Oman LNG Company.

With more than 14,000 tonnes of lead-acid batteries used annually in the Sultanate, be’ah will focus on the proper disposal of these batteries. Through the authorised carriers, be’ah will collect lead-acid batteries from these establishments, then transfer them to the company’s approved processing site to be recycled and secondary materials manufactured.

According to the agreement, the be’ah will provide special containers for proper dispose of lead-acid batteries, characterised by insulating layers prevent the leakage of acidic substances harmful to human health and the environment.

The project is not the first for be’ah as it previously signed same with several entities like MoD, Omantel, Ooredoo, Bank Muscat, Mwasalat, Saud Bahwan for Projects and Equipment and others.

It is noteworthy that the Sultanate joined the Basel Convention by Royal Decree No 119/1994 on December 7, 1994. The convention focuses on reducing the production of hazardous waste in terms of quantity and risk, disposing of it at the earliest possible location by environmentally sound methods and reducing transporting it across the borders.



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