Passenger Dies Mid-air After Cardiac Arrest On An India-Oman Flight
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K Dhanasekaran, a 38-year-old Indian passenger returning from Muscat, died mid-flight. The man from Ilayankudi, Sivaganga district, passed away in a case of suspected cardiac arrest. Dhanasekaran, who had been working in Muscat, was travelling home for vacation, reported the Times of India.

On Sunday, Dhanasekaran remained seated even after all other passengers had disembarked from the flight.

It was assumed that he was asleep, so the cabin crew attempted to wake him up. However, there was no response, so the crew checked him and found him unconscious. Subsequently, they alerted the ground authorities to the situation.

A medical team swiftly transported him to the airport's emergency medical centre. Following a thorough assessment of his vital signs, medical professionals declared him dead.

Upon recovering his body, airport police initiated the necessary procedures for a post-mortem examination. According to authorities, the family has been notified.

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