Rented Football Grounds In Oman Included In Commercial Activities Closure
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Tartan (rented football grounds), and grass football pitches are included in the list of commercial activities that must be closed between 8 pm till 5 am. 

Speaking to Times of Oman on Sunday, a top government official said it is prohibited to even gather or play in these facilities during the night closure. “The decision of the Supreme Committee in charge to deal with COVID-19 also include tartan (rented football grounds), and grass football pitches, and it is forbidden to gather or play in these facilities from 8 pm till 5 am.”

“These facilities (rented and grass football pitches) are considered one among the commercial activities and the decisions are applicable to these activities as well,” the official clarified. 

“Moreover, some group of people gather in these facilities to play football and this contravenes the decisions of the Supreme Committee,” he added

Last week, in the wake of rising coronavirus cases, the Supreme Committee imposed a nationwide night closure till March 20.


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