Summer Rains To Continue On Sunday
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 The wilayats of North Al Sharqiyah, Al Dakhiliyah and Al Dhahira received heavy rains along with thunderstorms and strong winds.
The weather pattern was due to the local cloud development seen across Al Hajr mountains in the summer.
The only two stations that recorded rainfall were Al Hamra (five mm) and Izki (8.4 mm).
The weather forecaster at Oman Met Office said, “Thunders showers are expected tomorrow also but will not be as intensive as today. Rains will be scattered on Sunday.” There are chances of convective clouds development and occasional thunderstorms associated with fresh wind over Al Hajar Mountains and adjoining areas during afternoon and evening.
In Dhofar governorate, partly cloudy to cloudy skies along coastal areas and adjoining mountains with intermittent drizzle are expected. It is mainly clear skies over the rest of the Sultanate with a chance of late night to early morning low level clouds or fog patches over Arabian Sea and Oman Sea coastal areas.

Are we nearing winter?
The weather expert explained, “It is not winter yet until December. We refer to the stage between summer and winter as the transition period and that astronomically is considered to begin on September 25th, but weather wise we expect it to begin on September 1st. The period from September to October is considered as the transition period.” According to Oman Met Office weather forecast, along the coastal areas of Oman Sea winds will be variable light at night becoming northeasterly during morning and along coastal areas of Arabian Sea winds will be southwesterly moderate to fresh, while over rest of the Sultanate winds will be southerly to southeasterly light to moderate.
Rough sea is expected along coastal areas of Arabian Sea with maximum wave height of 3.5 meters and in the rest of the coasts with maximum wave height is likely to be 1.25 meters.



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