Supreme Committee 3rd Press Conference
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There is a widespread belief among the public that the death cases caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) are linked to elderly people, but the virus affects all ages without exception.

There are no accurate predictions to determine the number of cases that may affect any country, however, ours are based on the experiences of the Republic of China and some regions in Italy.

It is expected that we will reach the peak of infected cases with COVID-A9 before the end of this month.

The number of infected cases at the beak means that 1,500 cases are recorded daily; however, we will not reach this number if we continue following the current precautionary measures.

The curve in the Sultanate is not acute which may exhaust the health institutions, and there is a slowdown that contributed to giving us an opportunity to prepare the health institutions.

More than 16 flights have been operated since two weeks to the People’s Republic of China to bring medical supplies to the Sultanate.

Over the next week, we will be conducting medical tests for a larger number of people. The major challenge we are currently facing is obtaining some medical solutions.

The necessary equipment and healthcare providers are available in all of the Governorates.

The majority of those infected are in their homes or in designated and equipped places for institutional isolation for expats.

About the cost of hospitalization, the cost of intensive care per day exceeds OMR1,000 per person and it is very expensive.

As for the cost of the testing, it varies according to the type of medications, which range from 20 to 50 riyals, in addition to the costs of medical personnel, devices and others.

The first blood plasma from one of the recovered persons from Coronavirus COVID-19 has been given to a patient, and we are waiting for the results.

We deal with a virus whose mutations are subject to research; the existence of the virus in one of the patients who have already recovered from the disease has been detected when taking a sample from him.

We thank all the blood donors who allowed us to use their blood plasma for their contribution to this experiment.
We thank the Central Blood Bank, Royal Hospital and all the workers in this experiment from different sectors.

Your commitment and adherence have made a great impact on ensuring your safety and protecting the society from the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We kindly ask everyone to continue following healthy habits when sneezing or coughing and washing hands, as well as raising the awareness of others and staying home .
Together, we will pass these hard times. Stay Safe!

Minister of Manpower
The decisions issued yesterday shall be binding by the force of the law.

Companies that are partially or totally affected must provide proof of this, and demonstrate their commitment to the decisions in their workplaces.

Follow-up of cases related to the national workforce are in place through different communication channels in the Ministry of Manpower such as the direct call center, e-mail or through the complaints system, in addition to the ministries overseeing the economic sectors.

There are companies that have reduced the wages of a number of employees without negotiating with them; the Ministry has contacted with these companies accordingly. We have agreed with nearly 26 companies.

The majority of these companies know that the rights of the national workforce shall be safeguarded, but there are other companies that have not complied.

Any amounts taken from the employees must be returned to them.

The Ministry is currently negotiating with 15 companies which are responding positively.

The responsibility is shared between all parties; we praise the positive dialogue between the parties concerned, employers and workers.

We urge employers not to reduce wages unless they use all other means, including negotiation with the workers.

The obligations of the private sector are clear as decided by the Supreme Committee. Negotiating between employers and employees is not a new procedure as it has been carried out some time ago.

The Supreme Committee enabled the private sector to redistribute its workforce under the current precautionary measures.

In case that there is no agreement between employers and workers, they must refer to the committee formed by the Council of Ministers, which takes into account all circumstances and seeks to preserve the interests of all.

In the event that salaries are reduced, there are procedures that have been adopted for those affected to benefit from them and to compensate the affected aspects.

The Job Security Fund is at the foundation stage; its headquarters will be at the Public Authority for Social Insurance.

The generous contribution of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq has been deposited into the Fund. The Job Security Fund mechanism is currently being developed.

The government is continuously repatriating the violating workforce through inspection and follow-up programs.

The number of the repatriated workforce is between 22,000-28,000 annually. We have introduced a number of facilitations to repatriate expats willing to leave permanently from the Sultanate under the current conditions.

There is a coordination between the concerned authorities to establish procedures for repatriating this workforce; they will be announced once approved.

Executive President of the Central Bank of Oman

The banking sector in the Sultanate is able to bear the burden resulting from the current situation until we cross this period successfully.

The capital of companies and banks is good, and the reserves are also fine.

The measures taken in times of prosperity may be viewed as strict, but measures have been created to ensure that thes cases can be dealt with.

The exposures of local banks are not relatively worrisome, but there are some financial institutions that are still limiting these exposures. We stress that the Central Bank of Oman requested the announcement of direct and indirect exposure.

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry

We have been able to establish direct lines between the ports of the Sultanate and the international ports, including major and minor ports such as Al Suwaiq Port.

There are some materials that come to the Khasab port from neighboring countries at the current time.
ASYAD Group has developed a strategy to operate Khasab Port for direct imports from a number of countries.

The government is coordinating with every concerned party to reduce the impact of this crisis on the private sector.

We are keen on continuing the work of some sectors and services due to their importance, while taking precautionary measures to mitigate the impacts on the private sector.
Actions have been taken to provide goods and services sustainably to mitigate the impacts of the crisis.



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