US Immigration Law For Students Take Up Oman Embassy
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The Embassy of the Sultanate in the United States said that it is in contact with the concerned American authorities (government and universities), regarding the new immigration rule.

Foreign students attending US colleges that will operate entirely online this fall semester cannot remain in the country to do so, according to new regulations released on Monday by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
The embassy clarified it seeks to find out details of the decision and its impact on the students (including those currently in the Sultanate).

The embassy assured Omani students and their parents that they will spare no effort to overcome all difficulties and achieve what is in their best interest and stability in order to complete their studies easily and successfully.

“Students will be provided with the latest updates of the decision through the official electronic platforms.”
Many US colleges were scrambling to modify plans for the fall semester in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic a day after the Trump administration issued an order that could force tens of thousands of foreign students to leave the country if their schools hold all classes online.

The announcement blindsided academic institutions grappling with the logistical challenges of safely resuming classes, particularly after the federal government had granted exceptions to the rules limiting online learning for foreign students when colleges and universities in March rushed to shutter campuses and move to online classes as the pandemic forced lockdowns.

There are more than a million foreign students at US colleges and universities, and many schools depend on revenue from foreign students, who often pay full tuition.

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency said institutions moving entirely to online learning must submit plans to the agency by July 15. Schools that will use only in-person learning, shortened or delayed classes or a blend of in-person and online learning must submit plans by Aug. 1.

The guidance applies to holders of F-1 and M-1 visas, which are for academic and vocational students.



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