Work Begins On 27-km Rusayl-Bidbid Road Project
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The Ministry of Transport has initiated Rusayl/Bidbid road expansion project (phase 1). This (27Km) phase starts from (Rusayl-Nizwa) interchange on Muscat expressway and ends in Al-Sharqya expressway interchange located in Bidbid.

The expansion-based construction works will aim to upgrade the road level to four lanes on each side according to the traffic safety requirement and a manifestation of the highway design manual (2017).

The project will also include the rehabilitation of the current pavement layers to meet the design requirement and accommodate the expected growing traffic in the coming 20 years. It also provides pedestrian bridges and tunnels, expanding Wadi(ravine) bridges such as Wadi Al-Jefneen bridge, Wadi Fanja near Al Amqat, new interchange for Ghala road, and another in Sayh Al Ahmer. Another expansion will also be on the current Fanja interchange, Bidbid interchange, and constructing the new Wadi(ravine) bridge in Wadi Dhaboon. it will also include the construction of box culverts for floodwater drainage as well as utilities protective facilities, constructing services pipes for future services expansion.

The project follows the highest design and specifications standards. It is apparent through the newly added lanes leading to interchanges, roundabouts, and exits. The road will see the construction of modern energy-saving lighting poles. As for traffic safety facilities, the project will include concrete protective barriers, protective iron fences, warning signboards, informative signboards, and pavement floor painting. Road diversions will be constructed to ensure smooth traffic flow during the construction of the project.



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